Why every household needs a foam roller!


By Beau Reschke

Fascia wraps are like food wraps.

They protect muscles in the body like food wraps protect food.

When fascia tightens around muscles, they restrict movement, like food that is tightly wrapped to stop leaks and spills.

This fascia tightening restricts movement and if not treated correctly can cause further injuries even when doing simple activities.

So what do we do when this happens? Foam roll!

Foam rolling improves range of motion, flexibility and mobility throughout the body. It helps lengthen muscles to full range of motion by breaking down knots and scar tissue and reduces pain.

It increases blood flow through the muscles reducing the lactic acid build up after a hard training or fitness session. It minimises potential muscle soreness that often kicks in the next day. Using a foam roller in recovery helps the body feel lighter, more flexible and to perform better in the next training session.

A few things to remember when using a foam roller:

  • Go slowly on a targeted muscle for 2 minutes
  • Find a sore spot, roll slowly on that specific spot until it eases off
  • Avoid joints
  • Most importantly, relax and be positive because some points are going to hurt!