exercise physiology

Exercise is medicine. As such, no evidence-based healthcare team is complete without the services of an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP). AEP’s utilise the knowledge they have acquired from their 4-year university degree to understand physiology (understanding how the body works) and apply exercise science to help you achieve your performance or health goals.

The advantage of seeking the guidance of an AEP is to receive a personalised program to improve your health, while also working in a graded fashion to avoid injury and promote optimal performance. Our AEP’s will prescribe effective exercise programs for rehabilitation and relief from pain as well as using their knowledge to help manage many chronic health conditions such as but not limited to heart disease, mental health disorders and osteoarthritis.

Connect Healthcare is extremely excited to launch our Exercise Physiology department in 2020 and see it grow within our multidisciplinary team. To book an initial appointment please click the “Book Now” button.