Standard RatesConcession Rates*
New Patient Chiropractic Consultation (60 mins)$120$102
Extended Chiropractic Consultation (45 mins)$92$82
Standard Chiropractic Consultation (30 mins)$82$72


Standard RatesConcession Rates*
Initial Dietitian Consultation$120$102
Review Dietitian Consultation (30 minutes)$82$72
Review Dietitian Consultation (15 minutes)$67$59

Exercise Physiology

Standard RatesConcession Rates*
Initial Exercise Physiology Consultation$115$99
Standard Exercise Physiology Consultation (45 mins)$89$80
Short Exercise Physiology Consultation (30 mins)$80$70
Long Exercise Physiology Consultation (60 mins)$99$90
10-pack Exercise Physiology Standard Consultations (45 mins)$790 ($79 per consult)
Exercise Physiology Foundations Screening Consult (60 mins)$65
Strength & Conditioning membership
$25/week for unlimited classes


Standard RatesConcession Rates*
Initial Physiotherapy Consultation (60 mins)$120$102
Extended Physiotherapy Consultation (45 mins)$92$82
Standard Physiotherapy Consultation (30 mins)$82$72


Standard RatesConcession Rates
Initial Podiatry Consultation (45 mins) $120$102
Standard Podiatry Consultation (30 mins)$82$72
Short Podiatry Consultation (15 mins)$67$59

Remedial Massage Therapy

30 minute massage$57
45 minute massage$77
60 minute massage$97
90 minute massage$138
120 minute massage$178
Sinus massage (30 mins)$57
TMJ release massage (45 mins)$77


Pilates matwork group class (casual visit)$21
Pilates matwork class 5 pack$95
Pilates matwork class 10 pack $175
Pilates Reformer group class (casual visit)$31
Pilates Reformer class 5 pack$145
Pilates Reformer class 10 pack$275
Pilates private 1:1 session (55 mins)$75

Sauna Therapy

Drop-in single session for 60 minute Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna$38
3 pack of 60 minute Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna sessions$93 ($31/session)
5 pack of 60 minute Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna sessions$145 ($29/session)
10 pack of 60 minute Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna sessions$270 ($27/session)

*valid Pension Card, Health Care Card, Student Card & children (under 16)