Tasha Koerner-Bungey

With a passion for supporting patients in maintaining a healthy relationship with food, while using effective and individualised strategies for managing various medical conditions, Connect Healthcare’s dietitian – Tasha Koerner-Bungey – will approach your health and wellness in a holistic manner to help you effectively reach your goals.

Tasha is qualified with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science from the University of South Australia and a Master of Clinical Dietetics from Flinders University. Tasha has worked clinically as a dietitian at Flinders Medical Centre, managing a varied patient caseload, and is excited to be joining the collaborative allied health team at Connect Healthcare.

With an interest in chronic disease management, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome and osteoporosis, gut and digestive health, IBS, general healthy eating, malnutrition, vegetarian/vegan diets, sports performance, mental health nutrition and more, whilst utilising a non-diet approach, Tasha has a range of experience to help improve your symptoms and overall health.

Tasha values the importance and benefits of listening and letting her patients be heard. With this value, she ensures that her assessment, management and strategies are patient-centred and practical to her patient’s situation and lifestyle.